Veterans Day

Last year, on November 11th, I had the honor of walking in the Veterans Day Parade in New York City.  It was a first for me – actually I’ve never walked in any parade not associated with Little League Baseball!  Always considering myself patriotic, I fly the Stars and Stripes outside my home daily and hang various types of extra red, white and blue on all the important flag flying holidays.  Yet, somehow, I’ve never done the parade thing.

My wife’s employer, Annin Flagmakers  – manufacturer of American-made American flags, supports the Wounded Warrior Project and walks as part of their parade group.  I jumped at the opportunity when we were invited to join them and was thrilled to have my kids participate, too.  As we marched northward on 5th Avenue through lower Manhattan towards midtown carrying a flag stretched from curb to curb, the sidewalks were lined with spectators.  Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised at how many veterans were sprinkled through the crowd and humbled that many were thanking me!  More than once I replied, “No Sir, thank YOU.”

Remember we are the land of the free because of the brave.  To all of our NatureScape Lighting clients, associates and friends who are themselves veterans, the parents or children or siblings of veterans – thank you.  Without your sacrifice we wouldn’t have the opportunity to light, from sea to shining sea.

With Veterans Day once again upon us, I look forward to marching again with @Annin1847 and @WWP with my family at my side.  It is a humbling and heartwarming experience.  My God bless America and all who have served her.


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