1. Personalized Lighting Designs – At NatureScape Lighting, we wholeheartedly believe no two properties are alike and neither are their owners. That’s why we begin every project with an in-person consultation at your home. Together, we assess your outdoor spaces, particularly the unique features you seek to highlight to ensure they are included in your design. Our consultative approach also includes a conversation about your goals for entertainment, as well as family lifestyle and personal use. Ultimately, with a mix of your design input and our creative expertise, we create a truly unique proposal tailored to you.
  2. White Glove Installation – We know you take exceptional pride in your landscaping. That’s why we commit to leaving your property noticeably better than we found it. Our team is trained to implement your lighting system with the utmost care and concern for your existing landscaping. And here’s one of the ways in which NatureScape is unique: every employee is also trained on how to care for plants of all kinds. When we leave your home, you can expect to find your grounds pristine. It’s our promise to you.
  3. Continuing CareAs with all of our clients, we want you to enjoy your outdoor lighting for years to come. When you become a NatureScape client, you’ll receive three years of bumper-to-bumper coverage and warranty support. If anything needs tweaking, give us a call. In addition, we automatically schedule two annual service visits, one in the spring and one in the fall. When our team revisits your property, we ensure everything is restored after the winter freeze and properly adjusted and cleaned in the fall. It’s our priority to keep your system running at its best so you can enjoy it yearlong. In fact, many of our clients are still active with us after ten years!

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