Sharpen the Saw and Keep Learning

About twenty-something years ago I was introduced to Stephen Covey’s (at that time) new book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The company I worked for at the time, adopted it lock, stock and barrel and wove it into the culture, providing us with constant reinforcement and frequent training.

I didn’t stay there long, I don’t have the corporate gene in my DNA, but the Covey training made an impression and it came along with me in my entrepreneurial endeavors.  Now, I certainly can’t say that I practice all 7 Habits all the time, the real world often pushes back, but one part of one habit is paramount in my rule book – Sharpen the Saw.

For the sole proprietor entrepreneur, without a management team, interaction with other professionals is often missing.  Education in one’s chosen field is critical in staying on the leading edge of technology.  In order to accomplish these two objectives, each February I attend the AOLP Annual Conference.  The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals is a small organization which caters to our niche industry and has been instrumental in providing me with my continuing education, CLVLT Certification, endless networking possibilities and other benefits.

A few years ago I upped the ante by joining two committees.  Now, not only do I attend conference but I am also instrumental in planning it.  My hard work was recognized when I was asked to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors and again last month when I was slated to the board for another three years.

I figure I’ll continue to serve as long as the membership will have me. And I will continue to sharpen the saw and keep learning.  Want to work with us, contact us here

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