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JUNE 2022 Newsletter – Summer Edition

Message From Michael Deo, Owner of NatureScape Lighting

With the baseball season well under way and my first weekend trip to the Jersey shore in the rearview, we’re ready to greet the summer of 2022 with good times outside. We have completed our Spring Tune Up visits and I’m very pleased that most remaining legacy systems have begun the conversion to LED. If you haven’t, please catch up!

With outdoor living in mind, I’ve been waiting to share some very exciting news in this summer’s update…
NatureScape is now offering high performance audio installations to compliment your already awesome, well-illuminated outdoor living spaces. Whether your plans include hosting a holiday event on the patio this summer or just keeping friends and family entertained around the pool, you’ll wow them with distortion-free, concert-quality sound. Please read more about it below.

Feel free to reach out to us in any of the regular ways. We would love to come set up our new audio demo kit in your backyard – you need to hear it to believe it! To schedule a lighting service visit, email or call. We will be happy to get your request entered into the schedule.

“Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen.” Enjoy yours!

Warm wishes,
Michael Deo

Take Your Outdoor Living Space To The Next Level With Concert-Quality Sound


Do you listen to music at low to moderate volumes but still want your music to sound crystal clear? When hosting a party, do you want to turn up the volume, cleanly transitioning from background to foreground, becoming the life of the party? Then, you are going to love owning one of our outdoor audio systems, delivering distortion-free, balanced sound with all types of music at all volume levels.
Our bollard-type speakers are big on performance! Their sleek design delivers the finest sound quality, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings. Either partially buried in a landscape for a low profile look or free-standing on a patio, pool deck, or gathering area, they make for an attractive addition to your outdoor living space.
Bring the symphony outdoors this summer with a high-performance outdoor audio system from NatureScape Lighting. Whether controlled from your smartphone or integrated into your existing home audio system, you can now enjoy concert quality sound. Call us today (908) 647-8004 or schedule a complementary consultation in the form below.

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