Features at the Mansions

There are many ways to explain how we design a lighting scene. It’s like painting a picture in many respects and I strive to layer the illumination using various techniques or “brushes”.

As in any complete scene, there should be a focal point and sometimes, there may be more than one. The key to successfully lighting these features is to strike a balance of light levels, thereby drawing the viewer in, but doing so without any glare or over-lighting which might be distracting.

Here is some eye candy collected from previous Mansions in May:

2006 Ross Farm - Feature2006 Ross Farm – Classic Urns

These classic black iron urns marked four corners of the bowling green at Ross Family Farm.

Elegantly planted by Laurel Aronson (available through Classic Home & Garden), they stood proudly at more than six feet tall.

Each was treated to cross-lighting using two narrow-beam spotlights to control spill and allow shadow and light so details weren’t flattened.

2010 Fawn Hill - Feature2010 Fawn Hill – The Crowning Jewel

Atop the porte cochere sits a cupola with a weathervane displaying the deer for which the property is named. The perfect crowning jewel for our space, “Welcome Home”.

Illuminating this very important feature was a task not to be taken lightly (ha ha).

As in theater, two spotlights provide the depth and evenness that front-lighting can’t offer. In this case they were mounted to the gutters of the structure, achieving just the effect we were aiming for.

2008 Froh Heim - Feature2008 Froh Heim – Majestic Lions

As with Alnwick Hall, Froh Heim was also guarded by a pair of majestic lions.

In a difficult location, we were able to position only one light fixture to illuminate his head and face, recessed into the driveway.

The very reflective limestone caught enough spill lighting from the nearby architecture to outline his silhouette.

2012 Glynallyn - Feature2012 Glynallyn – The Tallest Feature

The chimney at Glynallyn exemplified what is often the tallest architectural feature of any home, even if it’s not a castle!

We treated this spire much like we’ll approach the turrets at Alnwick Hall, with several tight-beamed spot lights to ensure we get all the way to the top.

2010 Fawn Hill - Feature 22010 Fawn Hill – Color, Texture and Dimension

The blacksmith, Charlie Spademan, created quite a few pieces of sculpture featured in Bruce Davie’s garden in 2010.

This one hung on a beautiful stone wall, providing excellent contrast in both color and texture.

By grazing the wall from beneath, the sculpture casts an interesting shadow adding an element of dimension not seen during the day.

Michael Deo 1Michael Deo has been creating works of art using outdoor lighting for over 10 years. Based in Millington, New Jersey, NatureScape Lighting is the leader in exclusive, creative and environmentally responsible residential landscape lighting design and installation. His unique combination of lighting expertise and landscaping knowledge results in outdoor spaces that provide the ultimate finishing touch to your property.To get in touch with us, please message us here or call 908 647 8004.

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