3 Tips for Incorporating Lighting in Your Landscape Design

It is our favorite time of year again….spring! We truly believe that the right landscape design, complimented with the right lighting design makes your outdoor living space a home – standing out in the pack. The right landscape lighting allows you to accent certain parts of your yard.  A lighting designer takes that to the next level. The designer will highlight and accent areas that you may not think to focus on, thus beautifying your home.

We have heard from clients about how much they love their outdoor living space and how it looks after dark.  The lighting really showcases the amazing design of nature at night. Think about that for a minute, our clients really love how their landscaping looks in the dark.

Here are 3 Tips for Incorporating Lighting in Your Landscape Design.

  1. Incorporate lighting as part of your plan: Bring your “lighting guy” in early during the design process to ensure that the right lighting can highlight your landscape design. By including  the lighting designer early, you ensure that the proper lighting and materials will be seamlessly integrated into your overall design vision.
  2. Landscape lighting experience: Make sure your “lighting guy” understands sound design principles, this is where the magic happens. There may be areas you want to light but aren’t sure what else a true designer may see that will accent your entire backyard.
  3. Using the space: Be sure to communicate how you and your family will use the various spaces, this will help your designer plan on where to focus and how to bring your outdoor living spaces to life.

Landscape lighting not only beautifies your home and increases its value, it also provides safety and security. It is exciting to see how great landscape lighting design helps make your outdoor living space a home. Good luck!
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