Mansion in May is now Open!

2017 Alnwick Hall – The Abbey After Dark

Mansion in MayArchitecturally, the Abbey is a mansion unlike any other.

Extensive ornamental moldings accentuate every window and door. When washed with light, these intricate yet bold details produce intense shadowing which present a unique opportunity but also the risk of visual confusion.

Subtle balance was the key to success.

The second lighting challenge is the almost orange color of the facade. If overcorrected, the mansion could end up looking like an enormous pumpkin!

This risk was mitigated by the use of high CRI (color rendering index) LEDs that downplay the extremely warm tones of the brick.

Mansion in May – 30 Cents Per Night to Light

Mansion in MayThe entire mansion was illuminated with a total of 52 fully integrated LED fixtures that consume less than 300 watts.

This is 70 to 80% less power consumed than if we had used halogen and costs less than 30 cents per night to light for 6 hours!

Beauty and savings! We believe you don’t need to choose!

Plan Your Visit to Mansion in May.

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