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Moonlighting Landscape Design

Art of Moonlighting Your Landscape Design

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With each passing day, we linger outdoors a little more to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and great weather.  Many gardens, thoughtfully designed to include a variety of interesting features, are usually draped in darkness at night. The view from inside the home has vanished but moonlighting can help accentuate the outdoors, creating artwork of your well designed landscaping.

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LED lighting

Tips For Interior & Landscape LED Lighting

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You see them every day. They’re in our traffic lights, exit signs, and auto taillights. They flood the shelves in every store during Christmas season. They’re different, brighter, smaller, and significantly more expensive. So what is Landscape LED Lighting and why is it important?  Do I really want or need LEDs? Why do they cost so much more? Do they really save that much energy? Is Thomas Edison’s electric light bulb really following the trends of CRT monitors, 8-track tapes, and the USPS? Should I already have started stockpiling 100-watt bulbs in my “preppers’” bunker?

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Holiday Urn for Christmas

Basic Rules of LED Lighting Design: TADA

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Most people realize that education doesn’t end when one lands a job. Often times, we find that that is when the real studies begin. For many of us who have embarked on second careers, a new degree or certificate is only the beginning. Those of us with more life experience are wise enough to know the most valuable knowledge is that which is sought due to passion and drive. Recently, my reputation of being knowledgeable in LED lighting has brought me the opportunity to design a few wonderful interior projects. It’s important to understand that I, like most lighting professionals, view LED as another tool in the toolbox – halogen, metal halide, fluorescent or any other. This new technology allows us many advantages as well as its own unique set of challenges. One thing it absolutely demands is that we continue to educate ourselves if we hope to stay current.

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Blog Talk Radio with Michael Deo of Nature Scape Lighting

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During this Blog Talk Radio, Michael discussed low-voltage landscape lighting, and topics such as:

  • Misconceptions the public has about landscape lighting
  • Common problems in lighting installations
  • The most exciting things happening in the field of lighting
  • How landscape designers or design/build firms can work with a lighting-only pro to increase profits

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