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The Mansion After Dark

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Mansion in May is now Open!

2017 Alnwick Hall – The Abbey After Dark

Mansion in MayArchitecturally, the Abbey is a mansion unlike any other.

Extensive ornamental moldings accentuate every window and door. When washed with light, these intricate yet bold details produce intense shadowing which present a unique opportunity but also the risk of visual confusion.

Subtle balance was the key to success.

The second lighting challenge is the almost orange color of the facade. If overcorrected, the mansion could end up looking like an enormous pumpkin!

This risk was mitigated by the use of high CRI (color rendering index) LEDs that downplay the extremely warm tones of the brick.

Mansion in May – 30 Cents Per Night to Light

Mansion in MayThe entire mansion was illuminated with a total of 52 fully integrated LED fixtures that consume less than 300 watts.

This is 70 to 80% less power consumed than if we had used halogen and costs less than 30 cents per night to light for 6 hours!

Beauty and savings! We believe you don’t need to choose!

Plan Your Visit to Mansion in May.

Michael Deo 1Michael Deo has been creating works of art using outdoor lighting for over 10 years. Based in Millington, New Jersey, NatureScape Lighting is the leader in exclusive, creative and environmentally responsible residential landscape lighting design and installation. His unique combination of lighting expertise and landscaping knowledge results in outdoor spaces that provide the ultimate finishing touch to your property.

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Outdoor Lighting Landscape

Landscape Lighting and the Love to Create

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I was recently interviewed for a story on how got I started, it was fun to look back and share my perspective. Here is the excerpt on my love for landscaping lighting design.

As I approached my 40th birthday, I had what some may call a midlife crisis. I wanted to get out of the manufacturing world and while I always had an interest in architecture and some artistic ability, I wasn’tOutdoor landscape sure where it could take me. My first stop in this discovery process was to pursue a landscape design certificate. I had become a “plant geek”, so when I got my certification and started out with NatureScape Gardens, I was headed in the right direction. Soon after, I was introduced to and fell in love with, landscape lighting. That’s where I found my passion and NatureScape Lighting was born.

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Moonlighting Landscape Design

Art of Moonlighting Your Landscape Design

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With each passing day, we linger outdoors a little more to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and great weather.  Many gardens, thoughtfully designed to include a variety of interesting features, are usually draped in darkness at night. The view from inside the home has vanished but moonlighting can help accentuate the outdoors, creating artwork of your well designed landscaping.

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Gladstone, NJ Pool Patio Landscape Lighting

3 Tips for Incorporating Lighting in Your Landscape Design

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It is our favorite time of year again….spring! We truly believe that the right landscape design, complimented with the right lighting design makes your outdoor living space a home – standing out in the pack. The right landscape lighting allows you to accent certain parts of your yard.  A lighting designer takes that to the next level. The designer will highlight and accent areas that you may not think to focus on, thus beautifying your home.

We have heard from clients about how much they love their outdoor living space and how it looks after dark.  The lighting really showcases the amazing design of nature at night. Think about that for a minute, our clients really love how their landscaping looks in the dark.

Here are 3 Tips for Incorporating Lighting in Your Landscape Design.

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Association of Outdoor Lighting

Sharpen the Saw and Keep Learning

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About twenty-something years ago I was introduced to Stephen Covey’s (at that time) new book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The company I worked for at the time, adopted it lock, stock and barrel and wove it into the culture, providing us with constant reinforcement and frequent training.

I didn’t stay there long, I don’t have the corporate gene in my DNA, but the Covey training made an impression and it came along with me in my entrepreneurial endeavors.  Now, I certainly can’t say that I practice all 7 Habits all the time, the real world often pushes back, but one part of one habit is paramount in my rule book – Sharpen the Saw. Read More

LED lighting

Tips For Interior & Landscape LED Lighting

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You see them every day. They’re in our traffic lights, exit signs, and auto taillights. They flood the shelves in every store during Christmas season. They’re different, brighter, smaller, and significantly more expensive. So what is Landscape LED Lighting and why is it important?  Do I really want or need LEDs? Why do they cost so much more? Do they really save that much energy? Is Thomas Edison’s electric light bulb really following the trends of CRT monitors, 8-track tapes, and the USPS? Should I already have started stockpiling 100-watt bulbs in my “preppers’” bunker?

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Holiday Urn for Christmas

Basic Rules of LED Lighting Design: TADA

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Most people realize that education doesn’t end when one lands a job. Often times, we find that that is when the real studies begin. For many of us who have embarked on second careers, a new degree or certificate is only the beginning. Those of us with more life experience are wise enough to know the most valuable knowledge is that which is sought due to passion and drive. Recently, my reputation of being knowledgeable in LED lighting has brought me the opportunity to design a few wonderful interior projects. It’s important to understand that I, like most lighting professionals, view LED as another tool in the toolbox – halogen, metal halide, fluorescent or any other. This new technology allows us many advantages as well as its own unique set of challenges. One thing it absolutely demands is that we continue to educate ourselves if we hope to stay current.

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Blog Talk Radio with Michael Deo of Nature Scape Lighting

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During this Blog Talk Radio, Michael discussed low-voltage landscape lighting, and topics such as:

  • Misconceptions the public has about landscape lighting
  • Common problems in lighting installations
  • The most exciting things happening in the field of lighting
  • How landscape designers or design/build firms can work with a lighting-only pro to increase profits

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